Pig racing to raise funds for mental health

Owners of the Golden Spurs Hotel at Proston Andy and Di Grant. Picture: Melanie Eastaugh

Laura Blackmore

From facing the consequences of the ongoing drought to the threat of COVID-19, it’s been a tough year for regional towns across Queensland.

In order to put some cheer back into the township, owners of the Golden Spurs Hotel at Proston Di and Andy Grant are about to launch an event first.

This Saturday 5 September the owners along with their team of staff will welcome guests to the pig racing event at the hotel, which they hope will become an annual gathering.

Andy said the motivation to host the pig races was to bring people together to give them a bit of an escape from the day-to-day grind while raising funds for mental health.

“Everyone knows the effects the drought and COVID has had on community,” Andy said.

“We organised this as a fundraiser for mental health to get people out and let them have a good time.

“We tried to create a family fun environment, so we thought kids love pig racing and adults love it too.

“As for the organisation to donate funds to, we approached a number of them.

“We chose Rural Minds because they guarantee all the money raised will go back into regional communities and not on administrative costs.

Based in Adelaide, Rural Minds chief executive Joe Hooper had the chance to visit Proston last week to get a better understanding of the region and the issues it was facing.

He said the best part of his trip was to meet with community members.

“”I’ve been in mental health for a long time,” Mr Hooper said.

“This is where it all happens, where the tyre meets the road.

“I have not been able to get out and meet everyone due to COVID until now.

“By hosting the pig races at Proston, it will bring the community together for a good cause.

“Golden Spurs chose to support this organisation and initiative that was going to go back to their local community and every dollar raised gets used.”

After the event, Andy said Rural Minds would be back in the community to offer training and other support services to help with mental health issues.

On Saturday the event will have a COVID safe plan in place.

The Golden Spurs Hotel Pig Racing will start from 1pm on Saturday 5 September.