‘Crumb’ prepared to ‘avo’ cuddle

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Burnett lovebirds are being encouraged by the Wide Bay Sexual Health Service to engage in healthy relationships and ensure they use a range of widely available methods of contraception.

The Wide Bay Q Clinic sexual health is supporting a national campaign using animated food characters, including a cookie, peach and avocado, which is being rolled out in the lead-up to National Condom Day on February 14 – which coincides with Valentine’s Day.

Nicole Blackley, spokesperson for the Wide Bay Q Clinic, said the campaign not only promoted safer sex, through contraception and condom usage, but also the overall importance of engaging in healthy relationships.

“The serious message behind this National Condom Day campaign is that all partners have the right to use condoms as well as contraception,” Ms Blackley said.

“Whether it’s sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or an unplanned pregnancy, protecting yourself is your right and you should always feel free to use condoms if you want to.

“It’s also an opportunity to talk to each other about healthy relationships, which encourages people to always respect their partner’s body, boundaries and decisions.

“People can do that by ensuring they always have consent and protecting the health of themselves and their partners by regularly getting tested for STIs.”

The social media campaign of animated food and beverages promoting good sexual health messaging focuses on these very themes:

• Condom use – Make sure you always “crumb” prepared and are “sweet” for condoms and dental dams. They’re the most effective way of helping prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Condoms can also help prevent pregnancy.

• Consent – Ask “can we avo a cuddle”. Consent comes first – even when you’re on a “roll”. Communicate with your partner/s and check in regularly.

• Pleasure – Everyone deserves that fuzzy feeling so make sure your partner/s “peel” good too. Make pleasure a priority for you and your partner/s.

• STI testing – Have you “bean” tested? Regular STI testing goes hand in hand with being sexually active. Speak to your GP or sexual health clinic for a simple health check.

A range of sexual health services and resources are available at the Wide Bay Q Clinic, which is located at the Margaret Rose Centre, on the corner of Bourbong and Hope Streets, Bundaberg.

The team also regularly provide a visiting clinic to the Fraser Coast. To make a booking for the Fraser Coast clinic please call 4150 2754.

• Services at Q Clinic include: Treatment for sexually transmitted infections

• Rapid HIV testing

• Cryotherapy for genital warts

• Contraception information and advice

• Ask us your sexuality questions (straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or uncertain)

• Screening and certification for sex workers

• Free condoms/lube

• Sexual health education and information

• Contact tracing

Services at the Wide Bay Q Clinic do not require a Medicare or health care card, although people who use these cards are encouraged to bring them.

Telephone 4150 2754 for an appointment or to get advice from a registered nurse. Alternatively email BBH-QClinic@health.qld.gov.au