How your old phone could save a life

Murgon and Cherbourg police are collecting old phones to help those in DV situations. Picture: QPS

Murgon and Cherbourg police officers are encouraging community members to get digging through their drawers to find lifesaving devices for domestic violence victims.

The two South Burnett police stations have launched a DV safe phone program.

A mobile phone is something many people take for granted, but it can be a lifesaver for victims of domestic violence.

The mobile phone is often one of the first items to be thrown, broken or stolen during a domestic violence situation, leaving the victim cut off from the outside world, with no way to call emergency services or helplines for assistance.

The DV safe phone was launched to get unused mobile phones out of people’s ‘bottom drawers’ and into the hands of victims of domestic violence.

The campaign is aimed at collecting working phones, testing them for functionality, ensuring that all user data has been erased and redistributing working mobile phones to victims of domestic violence, through registered domestic violence and law enforcement agencies Australia-wide.

Murgon and Cherbourg Police Stations are now accepting old mobile phones for this great initiative.