Easter ‘good to go’ as lockdown lifts

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announces the three-day Greater Brisbane lockdown will be lifted at noon. Picture: Contributed

The Greater Brisbane three-day lockdown and hotspot declaration will be lifted at noon on Thursday, 1 April.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement in a press conference this morning after just one overnight community-acquired case was reported.

“Thanks for your hard work, Easter is good to go,” she said.

Easter church services can go ahead, provided churches abide by the one per 2 square metres and

“It can be 100 per cent capacity if people are seated and it is ticketed and the churches know how to do that,” the Premier said.

Police have reminded motorists to be safe as they travel this weekend, which is why the lockdown was lifted earlier in the day.

Chief Health Officer Doctor Jeannette Young said the latest positive case was a ‘perfect’ situation.

“This was one of those participants at that party that happened at Byron Bay so when the person came back to Queensland they went into quarantine and they were tested on Monday night and they were negative,” she said.

“They were tested again on Wednesday morning and they were positive.

“They have been in quarantine during their infectious period so at no risk at all.”

Lifting the lockdown comes with some conditions for Queenslanders:

All Queenslanders will be required to carry a mask and wear it indoors and outside when they cannot physically distance. This includes shopping centres and indoor workplaces.

Masks will be compulsory for all Queenslanders, unless they have a legal reason not to wear them, until Thursday, 15 April.

Hospitality businesses will require patrons to be seated while they are eating and drinking.

Private gatherings will be restricted to 30 and there will be no dancing allowed in public venues.

“Lots of big events can proceed if there is a covid-safe plan in place, but if you are outdoors and can’t socially distance put a mask on, it’s as simple as that,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

There are currently 82 active covid cases in Queensland, with 68 of these returned travellers.