‘Like parkour, but safe’: Kids jump, leap and run

8-year-old Elliana Williams moved along the bars. Pictures: AMY BUCKINGHAM.

By Amy Buckingham

Leaping over boxes and climbing along bars, South Burnett children learnt parkour at a recent school holiday program.

PCYC South Burnett hosted A Free G Open Day for children seven and over on Wednesday, 7 April.

8-year-old Elliana Williams said she had already done some gymnastics classes, but she was excited to focus on her core skills.

“It was pretty fun going around circuits and jumping over boxes,” she said.

“I loved being here and doing what Ms Pam told me to do.”

Elliana’s brother Joshua Williams also attended the class, and said his favourite activity was the trampoline.

“I liked jumping and doing tricks,” he said.

PCYC gymnastics coach Pam Jones said the classes were designed to give newcomers a feel for the sport.

“We concentrate on the basics, so kids learn how to hold their bodies in different shapes which we call statics,” she said.

“It’s like parkour, but in a safe environment.

“We set up a room with lots of equipment and we made a circuit for the kids to complete -jumping on the trampoline, climbing across bars, walking across beams, and jumping over boxes.”

Jones said the children also learnt how to do basic positions including pike, tuck, straddle, and motorbike landing.

For the younger kids, PCYC will host a Tiny Tots class where children one to five years old can play with bouncy toys and complete fun exercises on Friday, 16 April, from 9 to 10am.

PCYC regularly holds gymnastics classes for different age groups. For more information, contact Jones on (07) 4168 1889.