Cherbourg boxer a punch above

Pharrell Chapman sparring during training at the Cherbourg Sports Complex. Picture: AMY BUCKINGHAM.

By Amy Buckingham

A 17-year-old Cherbourg boxer has his sights set on swiftly shuffling into the Paris ring at the 2024 Olympics.

To come out swinging on this international stage, Pharrell Chapman has been training with coach Jim Hawkins at the Cherbourg Sports Complex.

“While I have been improving my technique, I think I have a pretty good left hook,” Chapman said.

“During the fight I make sure I win the first couple rounds so that way I am ahead.”

Training Chapman for four years, Hawkins said he was confident the young sports star could achieve great things in his boxing career if he continued to knuckle down with his training.

“His reaction time is lightening quick which is great because if you can move faster than your opponent you can hit them before they hit you,” Hawkins said.

Not only does Champman want to win titles for himself, he also wants to put Cherbourg on the map as the turf of boxing greatness.

“I want to make a bigger name for my community and follow in the footsteps of Jeffrey Dynevor who has been an inspiration to me having won gold at the Commonwealth Games,” Chapman said.

“I want to keep working and gaining confidence.”

In just a few years, Chapman has already won two state titles and two national titles.

In the meantime, he continues to work on his agility, fitness and techniques.

He hopes to take away a win from an upcoming tournament at Noosa on 15 May.