UPDATE: KTP continues along Alford St

The Kingaroy Transformation Project has progressed along Alford Street.

South Burnett Regional Council advises of the continued Kingaroy Transformation Project works along Alford Street, between Youngman and Kingaroy Streets, and works in Glendon Street from the roundabout, to the exit of Circular Place in Kingaroy.

Additional night works will commence in the coming weeks along Haly Street to replace delipidated water infrastructure. Installation of electrical and communication infrastructure, the reinstatement of the footpath and kerb and channel, and upgrading of stormwater assets will occur along Alford Street and Glendon street.

Parking on the southern side of Alford Street will be temporarily impacted, however both traffic lanes and the parking adjacent to Asian Gourmet, Kingaroy Fitness, Tomo’s Diner and Hunter Gatherer Trader will be re-

opened during this time.

Closure of Glendon Street between the roundabout and the Circular Place carpark exit will continue from Monday, 24 May to allow for accelerated replacement of infrastructure. The Glendon Street roundabout, the Circular Place carpark and laneway access to the carpark at the rear of Council will remain open.

The Project Team will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to proactively mitigate the effects on parking as much as possible. Pedestrian access to all shops will remain open at all times. Council strongly encourages the community to support the local businesses impacted by these works.

Motorists and pedestrians are requested to travel with extreme care, to drive to the prevailing road conditions and to adhere to signage. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and appreciates your patience while works are in progress.

Direct all enquiries and concerns to the Kingaroy Transformation Project team on 1300 789 279, 4189 9100 or email ktp@sbrc.qld.gov.au.