WRAP-UP: Burnett graduates shine at formal

FORMAL AFFAIR: Murgon SHS, Nanango SHS, Saint Mary's, Monto SHS, Kingaroy High, and Burnett State College students all dressed up for the exciting formal farewell. Pictures: Burnett Today team, Susie McLaughlan Photography, and Robyn Geddes. 260532_01

As the end of an era dawned upon hundreds of Burnett graduates, they ended their schooling with glitz and glamour as they braced the red carpets at their formals.

Burnett Today had the pleasure of being a part of this monumental occasion, snapping photos at formals across the region.

Take a look back at our mega formal galleries here:

We started off with a wave of September formals…

• Nanango State High School started off the formals: https://bit.ly/3I4Fit4

• Monto State High School arrived in style for their formal affair: https://bit.ly/3pe5etM

• Saint Mary’s students twirled down the red carpet with glitz and glamour: https://bit.ly/3xDnyQG

In November as students said goodbye to their uniforms they welcomed gowns and tuxedos…

• Kingaroy State High school students dodged the rain for their celebrations: https://bit.ly/32NCxfD

• Murgon State High school celebrated their formal at the newly opened hall: https://bit.ly/3pi3QGm

• Burnett State College students were in their best dress to finish off the year: https://bit.ly/31gbUiL

• Eidsvold P-12 said farewell to their single graduate for 2021: https://bit.ly/3I1i0Em

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