1384 homes without power after storm

The South Burnett has received a severe thunderstorm warning from BOM on 9 December.

UPDATE: Hundreds of Kingaroy residents are without power after the recent storm.

Ergon Energy stated 1,384 Kingaroy customers are affected as of 3.27pm, 9 December 2021.

There’s also a further 551 customers out at Booie who are also out of power.

The loss of supply is due to damage requiring emergency repairs. Fault finding is in progress.

Affected Kingaroy streets include:

Adermann Dr, Albert St, Alice St, Anne Ct, Arthur St, Banksia Dr, Barbara St, Belle St, Bernard Cres, Booie Rd, Burnett St, Campbell St, Candello Cl, Carinya St, Carroll St, Casuarina St, Coral St, Cowie Dr, Dell Ct, Doonkuna St, Fairview Dr, Farr St, First Ave, Fisher St, Fitzroy St, Frangipani Dr, Freeman Ct, Gooyong St, Gwalia Ct, Haly St, Hazelmount Tce, Henry St, Ian St, Ivy St, Jacaranda Ave, James St, Jarrah St, Jensen Tce, Joseph St, Jubilee St, Kent St, Kingaroy Barkers Creek Rd, Lara Ct, Leopard Ct, Lister Ct, Macdiarmid St, Margaret St, Mary St, Mclaughlin St, Moonya St, Moore St, Murray Pde, Neville Pl, Nolan Dr, Norman St, North St, Patrick St, Poinciana Ave, Power St, Raintree Ave, Reen St, Reservoir St, Rita Ct, Rosedale St, Steele Ct, Tessmanns Rd, Venman St, Vernor Pl, Wallum Cl, Webster St, Wieden St, William St, Youngman St

Affected streets at Booie include:

Barkers Creek Rd, Boardmans Rd, Booie Crawford Rd, Booie Rd, Broadwater Access Rd, Brocklehurst Rd, Burkes Rd, Burnett Hwy, Crawford-Booie Rd, Curtis Rd, Farr Ct, Faughnans Rd, Ferne Rd, Franklin Rd, Franklins Rd, Glenmore Lane, Granite Cres, Harchs Rd, Haydens Rd, Hillsdale Rd, Hillsdale School Rd, Jorgensens Rd, Karingal Rd, Kingaroy Barkers Creek Rd, Maguire Rd, Malar Cres, Malar Rd, Mcauliffes Rd, Mcguire Rd, Mcillhatton Rd, Mcnicholl Rd, Millards Rd, Mount Hope Rd, North Branch Rd, Nystrom Rd, Old Wondai Rd, Perretts Rd, Radunzs Rd, Redvale Rd, Reifs Rd, Reinbotts Rd, Roberts Rd, Robin And Lee Rd, Robin-Lees Rd, Sandy Ridges Rd, Schellbachs Rd, Siddans Rd, Tessmanns Rd N, Wattle Camp Rd, Wittman Rd

EARLIER: South Burnett residents can expect damaging winds, large hailstones and a severe thunderstorm this afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned that the South Burnett region is in the path of a severe thunderstorm.

As of 3pm severe thunderstorms were detected on the weather radar near the area west of Kingaroy, Cooyar, the area northeast of Texas and Kincora.

These thunderstorms are moving towards the east.

They are forecast to affect Kingaroy, the area south of Kingaroy and Pittsworth by 3.30pm and the area northwest of Warwick, Allora and Blackbutt by 4pm.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should:

* Move your car under cover or away from trees.

* Secure loose outdoor items.

* Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.

* Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.

* Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.