Reaching 80% target and mandates

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's tweet announcing Queensland reaching 80 per cent vaccinated.

Queenslanders have now reached the 80 per cent double-dosed vaccination rate, but the source of the announcement surprised some.

On 9 December, Prime Minister Scott Morrison congratulated both Queensland and the Northern Territory in a tweet.

“Confirming you’ve officially hit 80 per cent double dose vaccination, the target in our National Plan,” he said.

“Thank you to everyone who got their jab. Please get your booster if you’re due and help Australia continue to safely reopen and stay safely open.”

In a press conference that day Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles stated the Prime Minister’s tweet gave them the data sooner than they could get it.

“The credit belongs to all of the Queenslanders who went and got vaccinated,” he said.

He explained that even though the 80 per cent vaccinated target was reached earlier than predicted, the 17 December date for the mandated restrictions would not be moved as businesses, police and communities needed a firm date to plan around.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said even though it was great news, Queensland should not stop at the 80 per cent mark.

“Very few places in the world have got to this level of protection before a Covid wave arrives,” she said.

“Let’s get to 90 per cent and beyond.”