‘Follow rules, be respectful’: Police urge business covid compliance

South Burnett police are encouraging businesses and individuals to respectfully follow the covid requirements. Picture: FILE

The Queensland Police Service continues to see widespread compliance of the new check-in measures at our pubs, clubs and hospitality venues.

Police in the South Burnett continue with compliance checks relative to the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s Directives.

This includes requirements place upon the public to wear facemasks, self-isolate in certain circumstances and comply with the vaccination entry requirements relating business activity.

Please be aware that any person to whom the direction applies commits an offence if the person fails, without reasonable excuse, to comply with the direction (Section 362D of the Public Health Act 2005)

It is up to business operators to check that their patrons meet these requirements.

The responsibility will also be placed on patrons who must have evidence of vaccination when checking in.

QPS thanks our business operators and patrons who are doing the right thing and following the new direction.

Officers have conduct regular compliance checks at pubs, clubs and dining precincts across the state and the vast majority of businesses are doing exactly what is expected of them.

South Burnett Police urge Queenslanders to follow the rules and be respectful.

Do not take your aggression out on staff and others who simply trying to do their job – police will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

If businesses are experiencing difficult customers who refuse to comply with the rules or leave the premises, they can call police.

There are fines of $1,378 for individuals and $6,892 for business which fail to comply with the public health directions.