Great help for Proston’s Showgrounds

The Proston Showgrounds draw interested crowds all year, such as for the town's annual Show. Picture: FILE

Members of Proston’s Show Society announced that the group will be the happy recipient of two sponsorships, which will help to replace ageing kitchen equipment.

South Burnett Regional Council has provided a donation of $1,890.00, with Wondai Garden Expo Inc following up with a $2,000.00 sponsorship; both amounts are to be used to replace two refrigerators in the Sportsground kitchen.

Helen Young, the treasurer for the Show Society, said that the Proston Sportsground has recently seen more frequent use, with clubs such as the Pony Club, Ranch Riding days, Golden Spurs Camp Draft and the annual Ag Show holding events there.

She explained that other casual Craft groups and catered events are also enjoying and using the facilities at the Showgrounds.

In her capacity as president of Wondai Garden Expo Inc, Ms Young announced that her group will gladly continue to sponsor the Show Society.

“Expo relies on volunteer and patronage support from the region, and has always followed the belief that money raised in the community must be returned to the community where it is most needed,” she said.

“This equipment will benefit all users of the grounds, large and small.”

Ms Young and the Expo committee announced that over the years, expenditure on local donations and improvements to the Wondai Sportsground have amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars, proof that Wondai Garden Expo is a serious player in supporting the financial wellbeing of the district, including South Burnett Regional Council assets.

“All of the community will benefit from this badly needed improvement and the Show Society expresses its heartfelt thank you to the donors involved,” Ms Young said.

“The Society is looking forward to its next Show on 4 and 5 March.”