Mother daughter duo shines on stage

Dynamic mother-daughter duo Abigail and Eleanor Andersson are preparing to steal the show and one unlucky bank manager's heart as they take to the Nanango Theatre stage in Creative Dating, directed by Maxine Whitbread. Picture: Contributed

One of the best things about local theatre is witnessing the next generation of actors, actresses, writers, directors and the all-important back stage crew spread their wings and take flight.

This has certainly been the case with the majority of performers in the upcoming Nanango Theatre Production, Speed Dating In The Nude And Other Romantic Catastrophes, with several members getting the opportunity to act and be directed alongside their parents and siblings.

For Abigail Andersson and teenage daughter, Ellenor the production has been a chance for the duo to flex their creative muscles and push them selves on stage.

The dynamic duo star in a heist-gone-wrong sketch directed by Maxine Whitbread called Creative Dating as a pair of dim-witted, man hungry romantics who hold up a bank in an attempt to get a date with the manager.

“It’s been fun to see why my mother has a passion for live theatre,” Ellenor said.

“This lead role has helped me grow a lot and learn heaps of different techniques.”

Abigail, who’s been involved with the theatre since 2016, is also directing one of the five plays in the production.

Pre-Dating is a touching Neanderthal drama featuring both Ellenor and her older brother Dane, as pragmatic but shallow cave people, Nala and Creebo.

“I really appreciate all the effort the kids have put in to rehearsal and have them go toe to toe with seasoned local actors it’s pretty inspiring to see the next generation coming through and also bring new ideas,” she said.

“I’m proud that they have stepped right out of their comfort zone to deliver something that will be genuinely entertaining.”

This will mark the mother and daughters’ first official debut together, after they shared the stage briefly in a play Abigail wrote for last year’s Fringe Festival, titled Waiting.

The keen playwright initially wrote and produced the one-act for the inaugural NananGO PLAY Festival in 2021, which was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid.

“Elle also stood in for a theatre restaurant for us when one of the actors exited stage left on opening night… So if anything I think she has shown how brave she can be when she is needed,” Abigail said.

“We are very close and I think that’s why she steps in, she has always been a great support to me since she could talk.”

To catch the talented Andersson women on stage, head to the Nanango Theatre for one of the five performances running from March 25 to April 2.

For more information and to purchase tickets, head to and search for “Speed Dating In the Nude” or follow this link: