OPINION: We’ll Be Right

Wondai Baptist Church minister Bal Sami shares about how there is hope.

There is a popular saying used in Australia, ‘I’ll be right’, ‘she’ll be right’, ‘you’ll be right’.

I like those sayings for what it expresses: ‘I’ll overcome’, ‘this will pass’, it will be behind us soon’. Who can deny life is tough, the world in which you and I live is challenging.

Life tests us every day, every month, every year. Just recently it was Covid-19, then came fire, then flood, Covid again-variants, now Ukraine war, Ukraine refugees and Afghanistan refugees.

Diseases and political crisis of the world affect us. Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison policies affect us. It reminds of the song, ‘Stop the world and let me off,’ written by Carl Belew in 1958.

Yet the world cannot be stopped, life cannot be stopped, we can’t stop. We have to keep going in life: hail, rain or sunshine. That’s how we live life, enjoy life and face challenges in life.

Talking about challenges, one of the bible verses says, “All things work together for good…(Romans 8:28).” I don’t know how good things can come out of Covid-19, fire, flood, wars, refugee crisis and political crisis.

So here we are encouraging ourselves and others by saying: I’ll be right, she’ll be right, we’ll be right, you’ll be right. What other solutions or answers to life challenges are there?

Everyone else’s life goes on in spite of: mine, yours, hers, his. This is the world we live in at the moment and that’s how life has always been as far as keeping of historical records can verify.

There always was diseases, wars, fires and floods. The people in the past faced it, dealt with it, overcame it. In the past as at present lives were lost, precious lives of loved ones, mums and dads, teenagers and children. With passing of time people found healing, solutions, answers. Here we are in 2022, there is nothing new under the sun, but we are at an advantage. The answers to life’s challenges is faced with more preparation, advance tech, scientific solutions.

There is hope for us in the time in which you and I live. We have more resources in our reserves: dialogues, donations, sharing information, generosity, instant news sharing and internet. I’ll be right, she’ll be right, he’ll be…