FLOODS: 11 people rescued, 1 car swept away

290907_01 Kingaroy creek near Memorial Park

Mid-morning flood wrap- Friday, 22 July.

The constant rain has caused flooding across the South Burnett. If it’s flooded, forget it.


A man whose vehicle was swept away by floodwaters inNanango has been found deceased, Queensland Police have confirmed.

More details here: https://burnetttoday.com.au/news/2022/07/22/nanango-floods-divers-recover-body/


A large tree has fallen across powerlines at Packer Rd in Blackbutt according to Queensland Fire and Emergency media.

At just after 11.30am, fire crews closed the road going both ways and are awaiting council and Ergon energy.


A vehicle is believed to have been swept away by flood waters at Brown Street in Nanango early this morning.

According to Queensland Police Service’s media, they were called to the scene at 5.30am where the vehicle had been washed away by flood waters.

The man was found deceased.


Eleven people were rescued by QFES from rising flood waters on Scott Street Nanango.

At 5.53am reports of caravans flooding with rising flood waters came through.

At 6.10am fire and emergency crews arrived and took the eleven people to safety.


According to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) media, QFES crews are enroute, responding to a call for a rescue on the corner of Cooyar-Kingaroy Rd and Kumbia Rd.

There are believed to be two people trapped in a vehicle, with the vehicle stuck in flood waters.

QFES got the call a bit before 9am.

In another incident, someone is reportedly trapped by flood waters on Mondure-Wheatlands Rd at Silverleaf.

The call reportedly came to QFES at 8.48am with crews now en route.


Ambulance arrived at the scene on the Bunya Highway near Geritz road at 5.09am where a vehicle had gone into flood water.

QAS media report the patient was an adult female who was not injured and did not need to be taken to hospital.

In Nanango, paramedics arrived at the scene of a single-vehicle crash on the D’Aguilar Highway near Bushnells Road at 4.28am.

A male was taken in a stable condition to the Kingaroy hospital after sustaining a minor leg injury.

If it’s flooded, forget it


Flooded roads in the South Burnett as of 3.55pm are:

Barker Creek Flat: McCauley Broome Rd – McNamara Rd, McNamara Rd

Benair: Magees Rd

Blackbutt North: cameron Rd

Booie: Mondure Crossing Rd, Booie Rd

Brooklands: Kumbia Rd

Crawford: Wingfields Rd

Inverlaw: Stuart Valley Dr

Kingaroy: Burnett St, River Rd, Clark and Swendson Rd, Pound St, Hoopers Rd

Taabinga: Aerodrome Rd, Geritz Rd

Tablelands: Reifs Rd

Nanango: Burnett St, South St, Mill Flat Rd, Brown St, Arthur St E, McNamara Rd, Nanango Brooklands Rd

East Nanango: Mercer Springate Rd, Locke Lane,

Gordonbrook: Oakdean Rd,

Redgate: Clovely Ln, Steinhardts Rd

Sandy Ridges: Robin and Lee Rd

Stonelands: Webbers Bridge Rd

Wengenville: Maidenwell Glencliff Rd, Wengenville Glencliffe Rd

Wooroonden: Bradleys Rd


UPDATED 3.46pm

Ban Ban Springs: Burnett Hwy

Eidsvold West: Coonambula Deepbank Rd, McCords Rd

Binjour: Burnett Hwy

Boynewood: Mundubbera Durong Rd

Coonambula: Coonambula Rd, A Creek Rd

Cynthia: Burnett Hwy

Degilbo: Seccombes Rd

Derri Derra: Beeron Rd

Dykehead: Hawkwood Rd

Gayndah: Barlyne Rd, Gayndah Mundubbera Rd

Glenrae: Boondooma Rd

Kalpowar: Gladstone Monto Rd

Mount Perry: Monto Mt Perry rd

Mount Steadman: Mount Steadman Rd

Mundubbera: Augustines Rd, Coonambula Rd, Cheltenham Rd, Riverleigh School Bus Rd

Malmoe: Obil Bil Rd

Mundowran: Mundowran Rd

O’Bil Bil: Coonambula Eidsvold Rd, Augustines Rd

Riverleigh: Augustines Rd, Coonambula Eidsvold Rd