PAT’S CANVAS: Have you ever gone ziplining?

Patricia Van Kempen in the Wondai Kids Corner. 260890_22

Have you ever gone ziplining through the rainforest? You ask…what is ziplining?

They used to call it going on a flying fox and you hung on for dear life.

Ziplining…more sophisticated and lots of safety measures…thankfully.

Imagine putting on a harness around your waist and legs.

Then, hopping onto a platform up in a tree… yes, a tree several metres off the ground.

A cheerful, young tour guide attaches several safety locks to your harness.

Then, the guide instructs you on how to zip down the line to the next platform even higher off the ground!

Two of your daughters are just as cheerful and enthusiastically cheering me on to “just relax and let go, Mum!”

It was fun and seven ziplines later, going upside down, spinning, leaning back and no hands, I was glad I had chosen to join them!

Doing art is a bit like ziplining if you have not done much before.

It can be an adventure, a big scary or a lot scary!

It can be stepping out to try something new and you would rather stay in your comfort zone.

But, it is definitely worth it when you ‘just relax and let go!’

Enjoy an art adventure till our next chat,

Art with Pat