Prepare to leave: ‘Fast-moving’ Ballogie bushfire

A fast moving fire is moving through Ballogie. PHOTO: FILE

Ballogie residents are being warned to be prepared to leave as a bushfire moves through the region.

A fast-moving fire is travelling near J Hunters Road towards Pedersens Road as of 4:20pm on Wednesday, 4 January.

The warning area includes properties between Chinchilla Wondai Road, Pryor Road, Memerambi Gordonbrook Road and Pedersens Road.

QFES have moved the bushfire warning level to ‘Watch and Act’.

There is currently no threat to properties at this time, however Queensland Fire and Emergency Services authorities warn conditions could get worse quickly.

Firefighters are working to contain the fire, however residents should not expect a firefighter at their door.

QFES predicts that the Ballogie fire is likely to impact the community in the coming hours.

There will be reduced air quality in the region meaning some people’s health may be impacted and smoke may reduce visibility and and affect driving conditions.

Motorists should be aware and alert that roads may be closed.


– If you have a bushfire survival plan, refer to it now.

– Decide where you and other members of your home (including pets) will go if you need to leave. Plan how you will get there and advise family and friends of your plans.

– Pack essential items such as important documents, food and water, medications, and protective clothing.

– Stay hydrated.

– Avoid smoke – stay indoors, close windows and doors, and avoid driving through smoke where possible.

– Move flammable items away from your house.

– Fill containers with water for drinking and firefighting.

– Help others prepare for the fire.

– Be aware of firefighters working in the area.

– Stay informed: Follow QFES on Facebook and Twitter, listen to your local radio station, check the QFES current bushfires dashboard regularly.

– If your life or property is threatened, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.