Local help for life’s difficulties

Still Waters Life Counselling operates out of Grace House in Kingaroy. 315776_02

The Burnett’s newest counsellor, Anna Young, has opened her books and is now accepting clients by appointment for personalised counselling sessions at Grace House Professional Suites, 53 Albert Street, Kingaroy. The initial consultation of one hour is free. Subsequent sessions are reasonably priced.

Ms Young offers a safe, caring, confidential environment in which to discuss real concerns and find solutions to life’s problems.

Anna Young of Still Waters Life Counselling began her journey to reduce the Burnett’s growing mental health crisis at the start of January, and she is already seeing plenty of interest from the region’s residents.

“The world has changed a lot since Covid,” Ms Young said.

“I am seeing more and more people who do not classify themselves as having mental health issues, yet are finding the pressure of life and personal concerns overwhelming.

“My goal is to meet people where they are at and partner with them to move forward. I’m also available to those people struggling with loneliness and isolation, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship concerns, parenting issues, carer fatigue and disability,” Ms Young explained.

In her capacity as a counsellor, Ms Young offers to provide regular, face-to-face or phone counselling services to those in the Burnett region who are unable to access a local practitioner for therapy.

“This allows more people in our rural area to receive the care they need,” Ms Young said.

Coming from a farming background herself, Anna understands many of the issues impacting rural Queenslanders and has extended her intake to the North Burnett region as well, which similarly suffers from a chronic shortage of mental health professionals.

When asked, Ms Young replied “I will take whomever has a need as long as my books are open and the area of concern falls within my ability to assist.”

The Kingaroy-based counsellor, along with her husband and 2 children, have been long-term residents of Kingaroy for the past 11 years and have developed a fondness for the Burnett region and its residents.

As a parent and carer for her children living with complex disability, Ms Young also has a deep empathy and understanding for those members of the community struggling with mental health concerns and disability.

“Mental health is a big concern in our community,” Ms Young said.

“There are also many parents and carers in our area who are often faced with enormous struggles related to NDIS and parenting. People in this situation are often overlooked.

“I offer them an opportunity to take care of their own health so that they can better support themselves and their loved ones,” she added.

Still Waters Life Counselling also offers a referral service to its clients to empower clients to identifying and connecting with psychologist and other medical and mental health professionals.