Eidsvold’s Digital TV Tower has life extended but for how long?

Moreton Street of Eidsvold where the Retransmission tower resides. PHOTO: Mattinbgn 318028_01

A meeting to determine the future of the Eidsvold TV tower has been called for Monday.

A special meeting of the North Burnett Regional Council will be held at the Gayndah Boardroom on Monday 6 February following a request by Mayor Les Hotz.

The meeting is to discuss a Notice of Motion to amend a resolution, that was resolved at the council’s Ordinary General Meeting held on 28 April 2021, Item 7.1 Digital TV Retransmission.

The Notice of Motion recommends that the Council resolves to amend the resolution, item 7.1, bullet point three to read as follows:

1. To decommission all digital television retransmission equipment at the Eidsvold tower with a view to effecting shutdown on the following date – 30 June 2023.

2. Should retransmission equipment fail at any time prior to 30 June 2023 that renders the retransmission inoperable, then retransmission shutdown will be from the date of the failure.

The Council have confirmed that no action will be taken to decommission the television retransmission equipment at the Eidsvold Tower before the Special Meeting scheduled for Monday 6 February.