Beating this February heat

Even though we’ve reached mid-February this week we were reminded we’re still very much in the grips of summer.

Temperatures around Kingaroy definitely reached the top 30s last weekend and are predicted to stay in the 30s range for next week.

I’m sure the pool was a popular choice to beat the heat while others chose to stay in front of a fan or in the air con.

My Saturday was spent driving (in an air-conditioned car) up to Goomeri for an outing with family.

I felt for those braving the heat in the name of their weekly cricket match in the local comp and those dedicated family and friends who stayed in the confines of whatever shade they could find to cheer on their team. Head to pages 39 and 52 for our cricket coverage.

However, no heat is going to stop Nanango races fans from dressing up and attending the first race day of the year (head to pages 40, 41 and 48 for more).

In this week’s edition we’ve heard from some experts on the best ways to look after your child’s health over the school year.

In light of this week’s heat, make sure your child is well equipped with a hat, cool water bottle and perhaps even some sunscreen for school.

Turn to pages 16 to 19 to read more on healthy lunchbox ideas, hearing tests, shoe fittings and why that consistent bedtime is extra important.

All this talk about the hot weather this week, brings me to the discussion on page 4.

The Queensland Government’s proposed energy target (70 per cent of clean energy in Queensland by 2032) is set to bring a boom of renewable energy developers to the South Burnett region, near the already existing Tarong Power Station.

These renewable energy farms, like solar farms, will provide energy so we can continue to enjoy the luxuries of fans and air cons in our homes.

South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto is working hard to ensure regional areas are at the forefront of mind when in comes to state government decisions on renewables.

Stay cool and enjoy this week’s edition!