STAY INFORMED: Brooklands bushfire warning

QFES are advising residents in the Brooklands and Nanango to stay informed. Picture: ON FILE. 251333_01

Smoke from a bushfire is currently affecting the Brooklands and surrounding areas.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services issued an ‘advice’ warning for people in the Brooklands area, near Nanango, as of 1.50pm on Friday, 21 April.

What you should do:

– Follow health guidance and monitor live air quality information by using the links below.

– Avoid driving through smoke where possible and be aware of firefighters working in the area.

– Stay indoors, and close windows and doors.

– Keep respiratory medication close by.

– If you have a bushfire survival plan, refer to it now.

The bushfire is impacting the following suburbs Kunioon, Brooklands, Ellesmere, Goodger, Haly Creek and Tarong.

There are no direct fire threats to properties at this time, and the reduced air quality may cause health impacts for some people.

Smoke may reduce visibility and affect driving conditions and roads in the area may be closed due to the movement of the bushfire.