Restoring the Stonehouse

Stonemasons hard at work restoring the Moore Stonehouse. PICTURES: Contributed

Stonehouse at Moore was built by English Stonemasons, stone buildings amongst mainly timber structures.

It was once a country Inn and Stagecoach stop for the McCallum Stage Coaches back in the late 1800s.

Nearly 150 years later and the sound of hammers and steel chisels shaping stone can once again be heard out at Stonehouse as Modern-Day Stonemasons are working to Stabilise these historically significant buildings that played a significant role in the region’s early Pioneer Days.

Classic Stone Australia are now working on the long-term project with Loretta and John Eastwood with the Newly incorporated Group ‘Friends of Stonehouse’ to stabilise the Stonehouse group of buildings and rebuilding the Old two-story Inn.

Kent Roxborough of Classic Stone Australia were extremely excited to be involved with this project.

To his knowledge there would only be four projects like this for a Stonemason to gain this experience.

Queensland has very few historical rough stone hued buildings and even fewer with the history of the Moore Stonehouse.

Kent and his crew of Stonemasons will be onsite at this year’s Stonehouse Open Day to chat to any interested visitors.

Whilst the Stonemasons were busy at work, David Taylor a local carpenter who originated from England has volunteered his skill and time to rebuild and install the two missing windows from the old kitchen.

David copied the design of the existing window of the kitchen and repaired this and reglazed it.

David is also extremely excited to work on the Stonehouse project and is working on an idea to roof the three front rooms of the Inn and timber decking that once ran between the old kitchen and Inn.

Coming from England and learning on the old historic buildings of England, David is a wealth of information and interesting stories.

Classic Stone Australia have much experience on heritage buildings in Queensland and have even travelled to England and Europe to hone their skills.

We are so lucky to have such skill and enthusiastic tradesmen involved in the Stonehouse project.

Both our Heritage Stonemasons and Carpenters will be available for a chat or answer any questions over the Open Day Event on the 22nd and 23rd July.

Details can be found on our Facebook page ‘Stonehouse, Moore’ or ‘Friends of Stonehouse’. We are looking forward to showing off the work done out here over the last 12 months.