Learn how to control feral pigs

Dozens of feral pigs have been eradicated from the Booubyjan area thanks to Ricky Rogers Pest Animal Management. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED

Many feral pigs have been successfully eradicated from the Booubyjan area near Goomeri.

This is thanks to the efforts of Ricky Rogers Pest Animal Management.

The Burnett Mary Regional Group engaged Ricky as part of its project to manage pests and weeds in the Barambah Creek catchment.

Project officer Mauricio Montoya said the goal was to remove as many pigs as possible from several properties in the catchment, where they are harming the environment and impacting farm productivity.

The group reported that the introduced feral pigs were treated humanely and disposed of safely.

“Ricky does an initial creek assessment to determine areas where feral pigs are more active,” he said.

“Once he finds out where they like to gather, he selects a clear spot where he starts training the animals.

“This education is about luring pigs with macadamia nuts or sweet corn to familiarise them with that particular feeding spot.

“Ricky does this for a couple of weeks as the first pigs often draw others to the hotspot.

“After this and gathering photographic evidence, he sets up the trap and waits for the pigs to come.”

Mauricio said the eradication program would be extended to other sites.

The project was funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments following multiple significant rainfall and flooding events over the 2021-22 severe weather season. As a result, weed numbers exploded and feral pigs flourished.

“The main goal of this project is to support native flora and fauna species to establish into resilient habitat through the management of invasive weeds and pigs,” Mauricio said.

Feral pig control workshop

Landholders and community members are invited to learn about feral pig management including the best techniques to monitor, evaluate and eradicate feral pigs from properties.

A workshop will be held at Booubyjan Hall on Wednesday, 30 August from 8am to 2pm.

For more information call BMRG on 07 4181 2999 or email admin@bmrg.org.au and ask for Mauricio.