Proston to celebrate 100-year Centenary

Governor's visit to Museum 3 June 2023.

This 30 September – 1 October long weekend sees the culmination of many years of preparation and effort, as Proston celebrates our Centenary.

The Centenary is a celebration of 100 years since Proston was connected to the rail network, which was the catalyst for the formation of the township of Proston.

We also see it as an occasion to honour and celebrate the hard work and tenacity of our early settlers.

Around 1900 land began to be resumed from the large Boondooma Homestead run and was thrown open to selectors, who established dairying, grazing, cropping and mixed farming on the rich land.

The settlers soon saw the need to get their produce to the butter factory and rail stations in Wondai and Murgon more quickly.

By 1913 they were agitating forcefully for a rail line, but it was to be a long, hard fight with the first world war and political differences delaying work.

The rail line from Murgon to Proston was finally opened in a gala event on 24th February 1923. It was at this time that many of the first businesses in the township of Proston opened, including G.T.M. Boynton’s Proston Tea Rooms.

Around 2017 a group of dedicated Proston locals began to meet, with a view of preparing for our Centenary.

The group’s first major project was the ‘Proston Unlocked’ exhibition, which aimed to begin the enormous task of collecting, archiving and displaying memorabilia and photos of the Proston district and was widely acknowledged as a very successful event.

Following this, the group officially formed to become The Proston and District Heritage Association and embarked on several more projects to prepare for the Centenary.

One project, set to be officially launched at the Centenary, is the renewed Proston Heritage Trail, designed to guide visitors around historic sites with a 16-page brochure and individual plaques.

The Heritage Association has also opened a museum in Blake Street, built The Platform, an outdoor stage in Railway Park and been instrumental in the development of a lookout at the entrance to Proston.

The rail line has now passed into history, however the town of Proston endures and shines brightly as an attractive and peaceful village that prides itself on friendliness and community spirit.

Our Centenary celebrations are a special opportunity for everyone to experience Proston at its best, with a weekend programme of family friendly events and entertainment for all, concluding with fireworks on Sunday night.

Come and join us for one massive long weekend of celebrations!