A baconeer legacy

Baconeers Ralph and Kay Clark PICTURE: Nancy Jayde Photography

Whilst this was the first year Ralph, and subsequently his partner in life Kay joined the Kingaroy BaconFest committee aka “baconeers”, Ralph actively participated and worked tirelessly across many areas throughout the life of the festival including, information and merchandise coordination, logistics, a technology wizz, bump in and bump out.

That was the thing about Ralph, it didn’t really matter in what situation he found himself, he was there to lend a hand, a trailer, a smile, a car, a laugh, and volunteered many hours to the best of his ability and did not stop until his job was done.

Ralph was more than a doer, he was a thinker, a planner, a gentle man, and the ultimate team player, and no one will pack a BaconFest merch trailer like he could. He would skillfully place everything in his car and trailer to within the nearest millimeter.

Long will the Baconeers hold Ralph in great esteem, with warmth and genuine fondness for the precious gifts he shared, which we have no doubt, in time, will become his Kingaroy BaconFest legacy.

Whilst we are poorer for his passing, we are certainly richer and sincerely grateful for his presence around our BaconFest table.

-Chief Baconeer, Anitta Stallwood

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