Grass fire and car crash in Ellesmere

Firefighters are working to contain a large grass fire as well as respond to a two-vehicle crash in Ellesmere this afternoon. Picture: FILE

A large grass fire threatening structures in Ellesmere this afternoon is requiring the combined might of over a dozen firefighter crews, who are still struggling to control the blaze.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service confirmed that 15 crews of firies are attending the fire at Hilltop Drive in Ellesmere southwest of Kingaroy, with the first help arriving just before 4:30pm today, Wednesday 25 October.

Firefighters are working to bring the situation under control and are also attempting to safeguard structures in the area from the flames.

The QFES spokesperson confirmed aerial support is on its way; more crews of firefighters are reportedly also on their way to the area.

They could not speak on the size of the fire at this stage or whether an emergency declaration will be issued to residents living near the scene; those in the vicinity of Ellesmere are urged to check QFES’s website and social media for more information.

However, some firefighters on their way to the Ellesmere blaze had to get redirected to a second incident in the area, as a two-vehicle crash was called in just 10 minutes after the first crews arrived at the fire.

QFES confirmed three crews attended the crash at Ellesmere Road just minutes and metres away from the scene of the grass fire, with the first one arriving at 4:45pm.

First responders reported no entrapments; paramedics from the Queensland Ambulance Service were called in and those affected by the crash were handed over into their care.