Have solar? Check your battery

Several solar batteries have been recalled due to safety concerns. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED

Homeowners are urged to check their solar system batteries amid a major recall.

LG Energy Solution Australia is working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to urge all households with a solar system to check if it includes a recalled LG ESS Home Energy Storage System battery.

Affected batteries have been known to overheat and catch fire which could ultimately resulted in injury, death and/or damage to the property. Incidents have already occurred and caused damage to property.

To identify if an LG ESS Home Energy Storage System battery is affected, households need to check the unique serial number.

Affected batteries can be contained in both LG and non-LG branded home energy storage system batteries.

Homeowners are encouraged to check again even if they have already checked their battery, as new serial numbers have been added.

If households are unable to locate their battery’s serial number, LG Energy Solution Australia will arrange onsite visits to assist.

If an affected battery is identified, it must be switched off immediately and households should contact LG Energy Solution Australia’s support team for next steps.

For safety, any affected battery should not be switched back on until the product is remedied.

Under the recall actions, a software update is required in some cases, whereas others will require a free replacement or refund. All replacement batteries carry a new ten-year warranty and performance guarantee.

The affected LG battery models include:

· RESU3.3

· RESU6.5

· RESU10

· RESU13

· RESU7H Type-R

· RESU10H Type-C

· RESU10H Type-R

· RESU10H Type-R (Secondary)

· EM048063P3S2 (Standalone Gen2 1P)

· EM048063P3S4 (Standalone Gen2 1P)

· EM048063P3S5 (Standalone Gen2 1P)

· EM048126P3S7 (Standalone Gen2 2P)

· EM048126P3S8 (Standalone Gen2 2P)

Systems that may contain affected batteries include:

· LG branded RESU systems

· SolaX Power Station

· SolaX X-Cabinet

· Opal Storage

· Redback SH5000

· Red Earth Sunrise

· Red Earth Drop Bear

· Eguana Evolve

· VARTA Pulse Neo

· Generic cabinets (many of which are identifiable by connection to a Selectronic inverter)

Affected batteries were manufactured with cells containing electrodes during the time periods of:

· 21 January 2016 to 28 March 2017

· 14 September 2018 to 30 June 2019

For more information email productrecall@lgensol.com.au, call 1300 677 273 or head to: www.lghomebattery.com.au/isyourbatterysafe