Be prepared this storm season

Be prepared for flooding this storm season. 383034_09 PICTURES: Gary Sissons

South Burnett Regional Council and the Disaster management group are urging residents to prepare and stay vigilant as the flood and severe storms may impact the region, especially with the cyclone hovering around.

The council is taking early precautions and request that the community also prepare.

Cr Potter, Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group wishes to remind residents to prepare, have an emergency kit, do not drive in floodwater, follow messaging from the Bureau and keep up to date with Council’s disaster dashboard for road closures and locations of any activated evacuation centres.

The South Burnett disaster dashboard is the best place to go to find all current information in times of disaster. It has live links to QFES, the Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland Traffic and Ergon together with active evacuation centres.

The group is also asking residents to prepare for how extreme weather may impact your life and to make a plan now, with supplies. We are asking residents to think about how extreme weather could impact your life, make a plan and pack an emergency kit. Ideas for what to include can be found at:

Some of the most important things to think about are:

• Long-life food and toiletries in case you can’t get to the shops.

• Drinking water in case the water supply stops working.

• Batteries, a torch and radio in case the power goes out.

These are the basics, but also consider what other items your family might use if you had to stay at home for multiple days.

There are other things you can do to ready for extreme weather:

• Clean-up – Check around the house and yard and make sure your home will hold up against the elements.

• Connect – Know your neighbours and connect with your community.

• Get covered – Check your insurance to make sure your property can be fixed or replaced if it’s damaged.

Queensland weather can be unpredictable and harsh, flood water especially can be unforgiving and driving in flood water is the number one cause of flood-related deaths. If its flooded forget it. Make sure you are prepared this wet season.