Clinical coaching providing confidence

Monto Clinical Coach Jennifer Calderon and Post Graduate Registered Nurse Mikayla Quinn, on their first shift trialling the new program.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Services Launched Clinical Coaching Program, updating the approach to training for graduate nurses.

Monto clinic Jennifer Claderon and post graduate registered nurse Mikayla Quinn had their inaugural shift which was a flying success.

Jennifer described her first shift in the role as clinic coach as rewarding.

“It was a fulfilling experience to see Mikayla achieve her goals in a clinical setting,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer was able to lead Mikayla through the protocol details and emphasised the importance of meticulous preparation.

“As a clinical coach, Jeni guided me to locate and understand the relevant policies and protocols,” Mikayla said.

Mikayla enjoyed having Jennifer there to coach her as she starts her career, feeling more confident and supported with her by her side

“As a post graduate Registered Nurse, it can be daunting to encounter new experiences,” she said.

“I appreciated the role of a clinical coach on this instance as I was able to facilitate a supportive learning environment to our graduate nurse in real time by being able to identify her learning needs and provide guidance as required,” Jennifer said.

The new program has started successfully and will continue to benefit more recent graduates in the Wide Bay area.