Call to attend wind farm forums

A map of the proposed Tarong West Wind Farm in the Kumbia and Ironpot areas. Picture: Contributed

Kumbia and Ironpot residents looking to learn more about the proposed Tarong West Wind Farm looming in their backyards are urged to come to a series of public forums on the project, a community representative opposing the renewables development has said.

The meetings will take place from 5 to 7pm at Kumbia Memorial Hall on Monday, 25 March and 9 to 11am at Ironpot Farmers Hall on Tuesday, 26 March.

Attendees will hear the latest updates on the Tarong West Wind Farm from Sydney-based developers Renewable Energy Systems.

The Tarong West Wind Farm project will place up to 97 wind turbines – each up to 280 metres tall – in farmland around Kumbia and Ironpot.

RES submitted the project’s development application to the Queensland Government in February this year.

As the chance to lodge submissions for or against the wind farm will open up soon, Kumbia resident and property owner Kathy McMurdy urged her fellow neighbours to attend the forums at Kumbia and Ironpot in order to learn about the project.

“It’s not going to be a ‘farm’ as such – it’s going to be an industrial area that we will be living amongst,” Ms McMurdy claimed.

“As neighbours, we are concerned for our livelihoods – they’re going to be changing dramatically once these turbines come into play.”

Ms McMurdy and several others local to the area are concerned that the project will negatively impact their farms and living quality, claiming RES have not properly addressed issues like noise, access to water, or how a renewables development in their backyards might decrease neighbouring property values.

“I don’t think people realize the impact that it’s going to have on them,” the concerned Kumbia resident said.

“We’ve got families that are not talking to each other because it breaks up the community.”