Ute muster on show

Annie Hicks, Tammy Smith and Hayley Wilson entered their utes at the Kingaroy Show. Pictures: Jessica McGrath 236178_24

by Jessica McGrath

It was a buzz of excitement straight after the Kingaroy Show official opening as the Utes did their lap of the main arena as part of the parade.

Flags were flying, all types of Utes were on display and even a skeleton was waving out of one of the windows on Saturday, 1 May.

Kingaroy Show Rural Ambassador Rosh-Hannah De Caluwe assisted the judges with presenting awards for the South Burnett Sub-chamber Show.

These winners are eligible to represent the South Burnett in their class at the State Finals at the ‘Ekka’, Royal Queensland Show in Brisbane.

The Sub-chamber winners were:

Best Street Ute: Matthew

Best B&S Ute: : Anthony

Best Chicks Ute: Hayley

Best 4×4 Ute: : Sean

Best Work Ute: Asher

Best Feral Ute: Anthony

Best Classic Ute: Sonnie

The Kingaroy Show Ute Muster winners were announced just before the show’s main parade, with prizes awarded by Kingaroy’s Miss Showgirl, Kyla Milne.

Annie Hicks entered her Ute at a show for the first time alongside friends Tammy Smith and Hayley Wilson.

She even managed a runners-up place in the Best Town and Country Ute category, while her friends took away a selection of placings themselves.

The Muster’s Best Overall Ute Champion was won by Hayley Wilson and the Best Overall Runner-up Ute was owned by Tammy Smith.

The 2021 Kingaroy Show Ute Muster winners were:

Best Overall Ute Champion: Hayley

Best Overall Runner-up Ute: Tammy

Best B&S Ute:

1st Anthony

2nd Nazrin

Best Street Ute:

1st -Sonie

2nd -Matthew

3rd -James

Best Classic Ute:

1st Sonie

Best Chicks Ute:

1st Nazrin

2nd Tammy

3rd Hayley

Best 4×4 Ute:

1st Nazrin

2nd Tammy

3rd Sean

Best Work Ute:

1st Asher

2nd Valda

Best Feral Ute:

1st Anthony

Best Ford Ute:

1st Matthew

2nd Anthony

Best Holden Ute:

1st Sonie

2nd Hayley

3rd James

Best ‘Other-Make’ Ute:

1st Nazrin

2nd Sean

3rd Tammy

Best Bull Bar:

1st Sean

2nd Anthony

3rd Asher

Best Farm Ute:

1st Sean

2nd James

3rd Matthew

Best Town and Country Ute:

1st Vazrin

2nd Annie

3rd Tammy