EDITOR’S DESK: Power of words

Neesha Sinnya, Journalist.

By Neesha Sinnya

I had the privilege of enjoying live theatre over the weekend. My Mum and I settled into the second row of Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Playhouse to watch ‘Boy Swallows Universe’.

After the Covid-19 hiatus, I was yearning for the thrill of watching a play come to life from the pages of a book to the stage.

If you haven’t read Trent Dalton’s masterpiece novel, I urge you to devour it immediately.

I think it should be on the Australian curriculum. It explores themes of drug abuse, domestic violence, and adolescence beautifully, with strong references to Brisbane throughout.

A central theme of the story is summing up momentous occasions in three words.

This is a skill we are quickly acquainted with within journalism – finding the scoop, gathering the evidence, and presenting it on a shiny silver platter for our readers.

Each week the Burnett Today journos source enough information to write a small novel.

With this wealth of knowledge we then are faced with the challenge of summarising it – sometimes in just three words.

This week we’ve got a jam-packed edition with stories that will hopefully pique your interest in just three words.

Wondai miracle baby, council saves cash, mental health hope, Booie wedding fever, celebrating 25 years… you get the gist.

Behind the snappy headlines is always the community – without them, we wouldn’t have a paper.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to answer our questions and share their experiences.

I was moved to hear the Davidsons’ story (page 9) as I explored mental health in the region for this week’s paper.

After dealing with unfathomable grief the family shared their story to prevent other families from going through what they did.

Amongst the darkness does come hope as plans to make a vital change in the mental health sector are underway (page 8-10).

The region was alive with events this past week – check out the colourful photos from Eidsvold’s Bridges workshop (page 15), Cherbourg’s Carnival of Flowers, the South Burnett Autism Support Group’s anniversary, the Wondai Garden Expo, and Booie’s wedding extravaganza (pages 45-49).

We hope you enjoy this edition; and, as always, if you have any news tips or feedback, you can contact us at newsdesk@burnetttoday.com.au or send us a message via our Facebook page @BurnettToday.