Blackbutt and Benarkin’s Rich History: The Teamster’s Park

The Teamsters Park sign at Taromeo. Picture: Helen Dickfos

Opened in 2000, The Teamster’s Park opposite the Taromeo sawmill is South Burnett Regional Council Heritage listed.

Jesse’s Well, part of the historical park, is the only remaining intact water infrastructure associated with early transport routes in the region.

It was built in the 1890s by Jesse Hathaway who worked on Taromeo Station and was an essential watering point for early travellers, horses for teamsters, the many bullocks used to cart timber and even the local Olzard goat team.

Water was also needed by the steam traction engine which hauled sawn timber from the Mill to the Benarkin Railway Station and the many residences that sprang up around Taromeo Sawmill.

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