School athletes enjoy record-breaking sports day

The athleticism on display at the track and field event. 216173

By Julian Lehnert

Students of Gayndah State School aged five to 12-years-old took to the town’s Peter Dunn Oval earlier this month for their annual inter-house track and field event, breaking two longstanding records in the process.

Members of the school’s three houses – Burnett, Archer and Connolly – competed in a range of athletics events throughout the day to the cheers of their friends and families.

House Burnett emerged victorious with an overall points score of 545, however the individual merit of the school’s young athletes also resulted in two new records.

Tori Bayntun, an 11-year-old who competed in long jump, broke the school record of 3.65 metres set in 2011 with a result of 3.79 metres, while 10-year-old Leon Slattery shattered a record of a dozen years with his 25.35-metre discus throw result – beating his 2008 predecessor by nearly three metres.

The school’s age champions are:

12 Years – Sienna Slattery and Marlon Hill

11 years – Tori Bayntun and Tama Kororiko

10 years – Felicity Kororiko and Kane Harris

9 years – Patricia Couchy and Nikoli Thomson