Ultimate Frisbee is truly a great catch

Zachary Doodson catches the frisbee with Connor Darby close behind him. 220190 Pictures: JESSICA MCGRATH

By Jessica Mcgrath

The humble frisbee is actually played as a non-contact competitive sport in more than 30 countries.

A keen group in Kingaroy meet regularly to play Ultimate, also known as Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Disk, at Memorial Park.

Game organiser Samuel Larkin said he liked the spirit behind the game.

“You aim to encourage others, even if they’re not on your team,” he said.

“I like that you can play it at all different levels of fitness, and still have fun.”

The unique self-refereed sport has elements of netball, as the players cannot run with the frisbee.

The Ultimate field is like a touch football or gridiron set-up for the fast-paced sport.

Two teams battle it out on the field to pass the frisbee to team mates up the field to complete a pass into the end zone.

At the same time, the defensive team tries to intercept it or knock it down.

If the defensive team succeeds, it gets possession of the frisbee and try to score it in the other end zone.