This cowboy clutched onto the bull.

By Neesha Sinnya

More than 300 cowboys and girls registered for the Goomeri Autumn Super Rodeo on Saturday, 29 May.

The rodeo was organised by the Goomeri Show Society, in conjunction with the pumpkin festival.

President of the show society, David Pittstock, said that the rodeo was ‘one of the best rodeos Goomeri has ever had’.

“With so many people around for the pumpkin festival, we decided to run the rodeo alongside the event and it was very successful – it complimented the festival very well,” Mr Pittstock said.


Bull ride:

Jack Watt, Ty Thompson, Clay Hall, and Joshua Jones.

Saddle ride:

Jack McKenzie, Tom Webster, Mitch Lansdowne, Greg Hamilton and Jack Capewell.

Bareback ride:

Jarrod McKane, Tom Webster, Tyson Croucher and Matthew Makinson.

Rope & Tie: Jackson Clarke, Jesse Townsend, Thomas Whitwell and Mitch Eastwell.

Steer wrestling:

Clay Hall, Lachlan O’Neil, Marcus Jones and Lane Heaton.

Team roping:

Mark Knox, Jesse Townsend, Gene Hingst, Kobe Miller, Matt Jamieson, Dunhill Abriol, Cody Granger, Ty Granger.

Barrel race:

Cheyenne Whitwell, Kate Patch, Tammy Woodall, Emi Coulson, (Novice) Lyndell Mittelstadt.

Breakaway roping:

Patricia Jones, Kelsey Gellard, Jessica Dubbleman and Tammy Augustin.

Steer undecorating:

Jodee Alyward, Cheyenne Whitwell and Rebecca Young.

Novice bull ride:

Boston Leather and Gary Brown

Bullock ride:

Mitch Franz and Ricky Massola

U18 junior barrel race:

Emi Carlson, Jordyn O’Toole, Brandee Ferguson and Cody Cavanagh.

U18 junior bull ride:

Cade Ferguson, Jacob Carige, Boston Leather, Lachlan Coleman and Nash Jones.

7-U12 mini bull ride:

Billy Gallaway and Archie Geran.