Energy efficiency: Keeping power costs down

A practical way to make your home energy efficient is by enlisting an electrician to install solar. PHOTO: Anton Dmitriev on Unsplash

Queensland home owners stung by dramatic increases to their energy bill this quarter are being urged to adopt more affordable energy systems in their home.

Eye-watering energy prices have added to the financial stress of home owners across the country, yet making the switch to an energy efficient home will put consumers in the fast lane to an affordable, clean energy future.

The 2023 Clean Energy and Smart Technology Trade Show rolled into Kingaroy last week on Tuesday, 28 March.

Visiting the region as part of the trade show, Master Electricians Australia CEO Malcolm Richards said there were many ways Queenslanders could benefit from the switch to renewable power.

“Energy efficient homes are much healthier environments to live in and are far more affordable to run,” Mr Richards said.

“Understandably, we are seeing a significant increase in Queenslanders installing new technology and energy efficient upgrades to harness renewable energy sources and future-proof their homes.

“For many people, this means installing solar panels on your home or business property, but there are many other ways to reduce your power bills without the significant up-front cost.

“For example, switching to more energy-efficient appliances and lighting, or taking advantage of off-peak power, might produce a better return on investment.”

Practical ways to make your home energy efficient include:

• Understand and improve your home energy usage by tracking your use via an app

• Enlist an electrician to install solar electricity at your property and make use of any government incentives available to you

• Switch to energy-saving appliances and LED lighting, which use less power and last longer

• Utilise the sun’s energy to run appliances when the cost of electricity is at its cheapest

Mr Richards also urged home owners to ensure they had a safety switch installed on every electrical circuit.

“Electrical safety incidents in the home can often be avoided if people take basic precautions to ensure their family is safe.

“Older homes may only have safety switches on one or two circuits. But they can and will save a life in milliseconds in the case of an electrical accident. It’s a low-cost investment in your family’s safety.”

While in Kingaroy, Mr Richards also met with electrical contractors to discuss trends and concerns within the industry.