Artists to show Pigs Can Fly

BaconFest 2022 pin-up pageant finalists will assure you that pigs really do fly! PICTURE: Jessica McGrath 295219_78

Young artists are being asked… can pigs really fly?

South Burnett Regional Youth Council is hosting the first ‘Pigs Can Fly’ art competition at this year’s Kingaroy BaconFest.

South Burnett artists aged between 12 to 25 years of age are being asked to submit a painting or drawing for a chance to win a swag of prizes.

The artworks can be submitted at any library within the South Burnett before the cut-off date of Friday, 11 August.

The competition will be judged by the 2023 South Burnett Regional Youth Council members.

The winners will be announced at the PIG JAM Battle of the Bands event held at O’Neill Square on Saturday, 19 August from 2pm to 7.30pm.