Fires rage across the regions

Firefighters are battling four blazes across the North and South Burnett regions this afternoon. Picture: FILE

Firefighters are battling a series of blazes across the North and South Burnett regions this afternoon, with one being as large as 20 acres in size.

Crews from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are attending four locations across the two regions today, Wednesday 2 August, with fires raging in Nanango, Mondure and Cherbourg in the South Burnett and Cannindah, south-east of Monto in the North Burnett.


QFES crews have been battling a large-scale grass fire at Mondure since just before noon today.

According to a spokesperson for the service, a total of 10 crews are attending a forested property on Kawl Kawl Road across from the Mondure Anglican Cemetery, arriving at 11:50am to find approximately 20 acres – just shy of 81,000 square metres – ablaze.

Crews at the scene reported that no structures were at risk as a result of the fire, and firefighters were working closely with landholders to bring the blaze under control.

According to the QFES spokesperson, crews were creating firebreaks using a tractor dozer in an effort to contain the fire; as of writing, the southern section of the property has been extinguished.

All 10 crews that are reportedly still on the scene.


First responders were called in to attend a George Street, Nanango location at around 2:10pm this afternoon, receiving reports of a grass fire 4 acres in size.

As of writing, one of four crews assigned to the fire has arrived.

A QFES spokesperson said no further information on the fire was available at this stage, with firefighters launching into their containment protocols immediately after arriving on scene.


Firefighters quickly brought a ‘small vegetation fire’ at Cherbourg Road under control this afternoon.

At 1:40pm, two QFES crews arrived at the scene of the fire just outside the town, finding an area approximately 50 metres by 50 metres ablaze.

First responders judged the event as non-hazardous to surrounding and controlled the fire’s spread over the next 20 minutes.

A QFES spokesperson said the attending crews were still on scene to clean up.


QFES crews are attending a grass fire at Cannindah, south-west of Monto in the North Burnett region.

A spokesperson for the service said two crews arrived at a location on Cannindah Road just after 2pm today.

The attending firefighters launched into their fire containment protocols, with no further information on the size, severity or danger of the blaze forthcoming at this time.