Plant a seed of hope

Some of the Seeds of Hope Sunflowers last year in Nanango. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED

‘When you see a sunflower know that we care’.

This is the motto of the Seeds of Hope initiative that South Burnett charity Boots ‘n Bulldust Inc are running.

Seeds of Hope aims to get people to plant seeds now so that during summer the flowers will remind those who are suffering from depression that they are not alone, that there are people thinking of them.

Research shows that the Christmas and New Year period has the highest rate of suicide and violence in the South Burnett community.

Planting sunflowers in November to bloom over this period shows support of those at risk. If you have a sunflower in your garden, this shows that you are a person who can be approached to chat or help.

Sandy Towell, who started the charity, started this initiative to acknowledge and make people aware of asking for help or just checking in on people -what you see on the outside may be masking what they are thinking on the inside.

Sunflowers were Sandy’s favourite flower and are also part of the Boots N Bulldust Reloved Op Shops logo and front window in Pound St, Kingaroy.

Sunflower seed sachets will be available at South Burnett Council Customer Service Centres during November.