EXTENDED: Burnett fire ban

QFES crews are attending to the Kingaroy bushfire last week. PICTURE: Rochelle Field 368245_04

UPDATE: The current fire ban has been extended until 23.59pm on Monday, 6 November.

EARLIER: Burnett residents are urged to be fire safe this week as a fire ban remains in place.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has imposed a local fire ban for North Coast Region residents.

The fire ban was first in place from midnight on Wednesday, 25 October for residents in the Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, Gympie, North Burnett, South Burnett and Cherbourg Local Government areas.

Current fire conditions are perfect for bushfires to ignite and spread quickly.

Under a local fire ban all open fires are prohibited and all Permits to Light Fire which have been issued in the designated areas have been cancelled for the duration of the ban.

Power tools may be used during a local fire ban however, QFES encourages people to use these with extreme care and ensure adequate equipment is available to extinguish any fire which may start. This may include having a person available to watch out for any ignitions that occur.

The fire ban is expected to remain in place until 23.59pm on Monday, 30 October.