A fresh, independent voice for Nanango

Jason Miles is running for Nanango in the next state election. Picture: SUPPLIED


Jason Miles, a dedicated local and staunch advocate for Christian conservative values, is proud to announce his candidacy for the Queensland election.

With a strong commitment to grassroots solutions, Jason promises to be the voice of the community, addressing the actual concerns that residents have shared with him.

Jason’s got a genuine connection to our community, having lived in Wondai where he worked at his parents’ café, The Cosy Del, and played first-grade cricket for Wondai at age 16. Jason now lives in Nanango.

Why Vote for Jason Miles?

Putting community first: Jason is determined to halt grid scale renewable projects until proper planning and governance frameworks are in place. He aims to protect our community, agricultural industries, and the environment from the reckless rollout of renewables.

Tackling youth crime: Jason will work closely with community leaders to implement effective strategies that prevent youth re-offending. Through diversion programs, education, counselling, and mentoring, he seeks to offer alternatives to incarceration and build a brighter future for our youth.

Easing cost of living: Jason is focused on reducing the cost of living by advocating for affordable energy prices and fostering competition in the region to generate additional employment opportunities. He will fight for our fair share of state revenue to reduce financial burdens on local councils and push for legislation that differentiates between urban and rural needs.

Improving healthcare: By offering competitive incentives and professional development opportunities, Jason aims to attract more qualified doctors to our region. He plans to collaborate with medical schools on targeted recruitment programs, ensuring better healthcare access for all.

Upgrading roads and bridges: Jason will advocate for enhanced funding for local governments through Road Maintenance Performance Contracts (RMPC), ensuring our key roads and bridges are safe and suitable for their intended use.

Affordable housing for all: Jason plans to streamline planning and building regulations, providing more flexible options for affordable housing and addressing homelessness in our community.

Join Jason Miles in building a better future for Nanango. Vote for a candidate who truly understands and represents your needs.

For more information, contact:

Web: Jasonmiles.com.au

Facebook: Jason Miles 4 Nanango

Email: jasonmiles4nanango@gmail.com

Mobile: 0494 079 425