Wong runs for Senate

Duke Wong is running for Federal senate in the next election and visited Kingaroy earlier this month as part of his tour of Queensland. Picture: Sarah Dimond. 408325_01

Duke Wong is an independent party running for Federal senate, who is visiting towns across Queensland, to listen to the voices of everyday people.

Duke Wong visited Kingaroy on 7 May, as a part of his four-month trip around Queensland as he engages with locals to hear their opinions on what issues need to be addressed at federal level.

“I am doing the campaigning differently from every other Senator before me by traveling to all these Queensland townships out of my own back pocket,” Duke Wong said.

“I believe my way of thinking should not override 3.5 million Queenslanders views.”

Mr Wong has already been to Pittsworth, Goondiwindi, Roma, Chinchilla, Dalby, Kingaroy, next will be Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, then up to Cairns and back. The trip in total will take him around 4 months. Before he heads back to Southeast Queensland to focus on Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast, leading up to the next federal election, due within the next 12 months.

His top three priorities which he will push through are:

1. Drug and alcohol testing for politicians.

“Our politicians are making laws and we don’t know if they’re making them clear of any effects of drugs or alcohol,” Mr Wong said.

2. Increased transparency.

Full disclosure of any new legislative bills or amendments that come before the house of representations including a mandatory requirement to disclosure all authors.

“So, we can see clearly if there is potential coercion from outside sources,” Mr Wong said.

We (everyday people) can then digest that bill and look for the loop holes, which could have implications on tax,” Mr Wong said.

Mr Wong wants to open up all bills to be put to Queenslanders before it is passed.

“So, for the first time ever we, the people of Queensland, can decide a piece of legislation outside of the referendum,” Mr Wong said.

He believes in utilising everyday Australians who could make real and valid points on how to best update policies, specifically in terms of tax loop holes.

“Create a platform where we can harness the brains of Queensland to tackle societal issues… so we can ask Queenslanders; give me your ideas,” Mr Wong said.

3. Doing what he believes is right by the Australian public.

For example, not using tax payers’ money to fly business class over economy.

“I wouldn’t pay for a business class ticket out of my own pocket, I should expect tax payers too,” Mr Wong said.

“We need our politicians to focus on how the public money is being spent… if they are using public money indifferently on small scale, what are they doing on large scale?” Mr Wong said.

Mr Wong is “Creating this ground up movement rather than a top-down.”

He also wants to support other individuals who have similar goals and mindsets in the future, only as independents though.

“Ideally, we would only represent our state and our territory alone and that way we can get consensus throughout all of our states and territories on what Australia think…like a digital referendum,” Mr Wong said.

He hopes that by running, and hopefully getting a seat, he will be starting to implement his ideas for future senates to continue.

“I’ll plant this seed and others will water this seed, other will protect the sapling and one day my grand kids’ grand kids will see the fruit bare on this tree,” Mr Wong said.