50+ PHOTOS: Murgon Formal a night to remember

Bridey Wessling & Fletcher Klibbe. Picture: Julian Lehnert 258911_04

by Julian Lehnert and Daniel Pelcl

Murgon State High School’s Year 12 graduates enjoyed a night they will never forget on Friday 19 November, with family, friends and former teachers cheering them on from all sides as they walked in style down the red carpet.

The Murgon SHS Formal saw 32 young South Burnett school-leavers attend.

The former students arrived at their highschool for one last time, driven right to the front entrance in a variety of glitzy, glamorous or stylish vehicles – allowing them to finally bask in the limelight following their tumultuous senior years overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Check out our snapshots of all 32 graduates, and stay tuned for our five-page keepsake feature in next week’s paper!