Council CEO calls it quits

North Burnett Regional Council CEO Rachel Cooper has announced her resignation. Picture: NBRC

By Julian Lehnert

The leadership of the North Burnett Regional Council has been dealt another heavy blow, with CEO Rachel Cooper announcing her resignation following news of Mayor Rachel Chambers’ departure from Council in September.

Ms Cooper declared her intention to step down as CEO at Council’s monthly general meeting in Biggenden on 24 November, having worked for Council since 2019.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the North Burnett and have forged some wonderful friendships with fantastic people,” Ms Cooper said afterwards.

“The Mayor and councillors are the most dedicated and passionate local leaders I have had the good fortune to work with,“ she added.

Ms Cooper’s decision to give up the top job comes after Council was informed of Mayor Rachel Chambers’ resignation earlier this year.

“The relationship between a Mayor and CEO is absolutely critical to the smooth operation of a local council, and I hope the next partnership is as professional and respectful as the one I have enjoyed with Mayor Chambers,” Ms Cooper said.

In her parting speech, the Council CEO described her team as “committed, professional and fun,“ adding that she will miss working with the group.

“Councillors engaged Rachel in 2019 to be a changemaker for this Council,“ a Council media release regarding the announcement read.

“Rachel delivered on this challenge and her work has set the organisation in good stead for a sustainable future,“ it added.

Rachel Cooper’s last day at the North Burnett Regional Council will be on 16 December 2021, five days after Mayor Rachel Chambers is set to depart the government organisation.