Beyond the garden gate

Picturesque scenery south of Kingaroy

Romaine Undery

While travelling back from Dalby to Kingaroy, the picturesque scenery really captured my attention. It was around 4pm, the time of day when the wallabies start to move about and the birds start to settle for the night.

As a passenger in the car the mention of a small hill became the focus of our conversation. So as I often do I pointed my phone and took a quick photo as we drove along. It’s wonderful how a momentary photo can capture such beauty. The soft hues of the afternoon light highlighted the grasses, trees and the surrounding hills. I suppose my thoughts moved towards the amazing scenery we have in the Western Downs and South Burnett areas.

The countryside certainly looks very lush at the moment and we all know the recent rainfall has enabled our weeds to thrive just as much as our treasured plants. So for many, weeding will soon be on the agenda.

It’s great to think about what we can still be planting even during the winter season. Typically in winter it’s still possible to be incorporating hardy plants to our gardens; these will get a kick along with the approach of the warmer spring season. Pruning is a different story. It’s wise to wait until the last of the frosts are gone before pruning as any new growth will soon be frosted. With July coming into August mulching is still a worthwhile gardening task to keep moisture retained. A good layer of sugar cane mulch, spent hay or fallen leaves from your deciduous trees will work wonders on your garden.

For inspiration it’s interesting to look “Beyond the garden gate” as I did while travelling yesterday. (The image you see is slightly north of Bell on the right if coming from the Dalby direction). Going down the route of travelling to different places is a wonderful way to get inspiration for your own garden especially on a smaller scale. For example Stanthorpe with its numerous granite formations would be the inspiration of using rocks as borders or boulders as features. Visiting Botanical gardens in similar climates or observing plants used as landscaping for businesses or in parks will give ample inspiration.

by Romaine Undery, RAMESA Nursery Kingaroy