Race for Christmas Cup

It was a strong night of racing on the Kingaroy Speedway Track for the Christmas Cup. Picture: Daniel Pelcl

By Daniel Pelcl

The Kingaroy Speedway Christmas Cup racing sponsored by Ian Boettcher Race Parts was well underway on Saturday 18 December, as competitors from all around the region came together for the last race of 2021.

The club was thrown a huge curve ball at the last minute on Friday afternoon with the revised Queensland Health directive regarding to those who were able to attend.

Crowd numbers were down and the Speedway shared a Facebook post which said “Thanks Annastacia! This place would normally be packed for an event like this…”

However, despite all the changes and interruptions, the Kingaroy Speedway pulled it off and it was a fantastic night of racing to finish 2021.

The results for the Ian Boettcher Race Parts Kingaroy Speedway Christmas Cup are as follows:

McCosker Super Sedan Series

1st Leigh Williams

2nd Zac Pascoe

3rd Mitchell Gee

Modified Sedans

1st Max Clarke

2nd Alex Sweeney

3rd Kent Shelford

Production Sedans

1st Daniel Henshaw

2nd Sarah Franz

3rd Adrian Stott

Wingless Sprints

1st Michael Butcher

2nd Ryan Harris

3rd Jayden O’Toole

Legend Cars

1st Matt Gordon

2nd Declan Brownsey

3rd Ian Jones

The 2021/22 Kingaroy Speedway season is only just revving up with the mega Kings Royal around the corner and the Autumn Extravaganza and National Production Sedan Title planned for later in the season.

Next year’s Kings Royal will mark the event’s 10th anniversary on 21 and 23 January. The event will feature Modified Sedans Kings Royal, Queens Royal, Production Sedans, Street Stocks, Junior Sedans and Modlites.