Paying the kindness forward

The Muffin Top Cupcakery is run out of the Maidenwell Trading Post. Picture: Facebook

by Jessica McGrath

A couple from Perth have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to them from a Maidenwell business.

Mick and Tarnia are now urging everyone to go and support the business, Muffin Top Cupcakery now run out of the Maidenwell Trading Post, by buying a coffee or cake to pay forward the kindness.

“If everyone could buy a coffee and tell them Tarnia sent you, that’d be great,” Tarnia said.

The couple arrived in Queensland during March and were due to head back during the first week of April.

Mick and Tarnia have been living out of their car since they were stranded in Queensland due to the border closures.

They have had more than 27 weeks on the road in Queensland and have been slowly travelling around the state and have enjoyed their time in the Burnett.

The Perth couple stopped in at Maidenwell and visited the pub and the Maidenwell Trading Post.

They bought a coffee from the Muffin Top Cupcakery business and while they were there one of the staff members ‘Jen’ overheard their predicament.

Jen happily gave them the keys to her Kingaroy home to stay in and even stocked up the fridge with food.

“We thank her very very much that she would do that,” Tarnia said.

“Not everybody lets a stranger into their home.

“If there were more ‘Jennys’ around, Covid would fly past.”